Contributing Author 
#Trans: an anthology about transgender and nonbinary identity online
by Evelyn DeshaneAllen HopeSkylar KergilHarlow FigaShane McGrieverDaisy CainsErika PriceS. BhattaraiVelvl RyderKim Kaletsky.
#Trans is an essay collection featuring the works of twenty transgender and nonbinary writers as they share their experiences with online communities, video games, and dating apps--among other technologies. Each author's experience of their identity breaks away from the typical transgender narrative that is predominantly hung up on surgery and medical intervention. While that aspect is still a part of the story for some of these writers, surgery has never been the sole inspiration which pushes these writers forward. Whether it was the love of a particular movie, the desire to share a feeling on social media, or a song they couldn't get out of their heads, these twenty writers' experiences of their identity have been shaped by media, technology, and the internet. 
Writer of YouTube Auto-Ethnography: an Introduction of Sorts, pages 11-17.
Tied for 1st place in the 2017 Rainbow Awards - LGBT Memoir/Biography
2nd place in the 2017 Rainbow Awards - Best Overall Transgender Work
Available through amazon: http://amzn.to/2njlqbl
Finding Identity Within Online Community:
A Cyberethnography of FTM YouTubers
Senior thesis in Anthropology; Recieved High Honors from Haverford College.
This thesis examines FtM (female to male) transgender YouTubers, their relationships with Internet platforms, with each other, with their bodies, and with mass media. Exploring content uploaded by trans YouTubers, as well as interviews with three YouTubers (Liam Rutz, Chase Ross and Charles Thomy), this thesis examines how the unprecedented modes of presenting and viewing the body through digital self-representation and online community legitimize trans identities. Topics of community, narrative, (self-)representation/archival, vernacular, binaries, accessibility, legitimization, the gendered body in cyberspace, and cyber/auto-ethnography are explored through ethnographic data as well as literature. Findings suggest that self-representational digital media makes trans bodies, identities, and life experiences accessible to both trans and cis individuals.
PDF of full text is available here.
A digital, multimedia website version of my thesis:
This website is meant to be explored in tandem with (or in place of) the paper thesis to amplify and contextualize the voices of these vloggers outside of my own words and academic jargon. I hope this site can allow you to enage with the YouTubers more directly. The videos I have linked to and/or embedded in this website are created by individuals who are interested in connecting with their viewers. So, if you see a video, read a paragraph, and/or are interested in conversation, you can always comment on their video, message them privately, and/or subscribe to their channel.
Videos may be taken down at their discretion, leaving broken links.

Co-Author of "Complete Community," 


Volume 8 of Schools: Studies in Education, published by the University of Chicago Press in association with the Francis W. Parker School.

Available here on Jstor.



From April 2016 to October 2017, I co-directed the production of a documentary on Harry Bertoia's sound sculptures. During my time creating and facilitating this documentary project with Sarah Moses and Mitchell Moses, I also was a Producer, Editor, and Cinematographer for this upcoming feature film, directed by Sarah Moses. While working on this project, I also raised $27,000 through a project crowdfunding campaign, created an original logo and font, created promotional teasers, and maintained social media for the project. Our work on this project was supported in part by an Emerging Artist Residency fellowship at the Hurford Center for Arts and Humanities at Haverford College in Fall 2016.


Marking the end of my inclusion in the production of this documentary project, I co-facilitated an in-progress reel screening, Q+A, and feedback at the Visual Culture, Arts, and Media building at Haverford College. This screening was an event associated with the VCAM Exhibition, "BERTOIA: Enter the Metal Sound Forest," sponsored by the John B. Hurford ’60 Center for the Arts and Humanities. This multimedia exhibition included stills, audio and video clips, and written materials, and featured two listening stations: two Bertoia Diamond upholstered wire chairs next to headphones that played sonambient tones. 

For this project, our team interviewed Bill Springer, Olivia Block, Jeffrey Eger, Val Bertoia, Celia Bertoia, Lu Malozzi,  Alex Inglizian, Richard Wright of Wright Auction House, Gregory Whitkopp, Klaus Ihlenfeld, Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe, Bill Valerio,