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shadow friends

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Representing a time of deep internal shadow work, this series contains both self portraits and characters that I’ve grown to see as my 2-D friends. They are each creatures that I hold closely as representations of my frustration, whimsy, and embodied emotional life. The series is ongoing and so far contains over 250 drawings that document a progression of internal healing. 

The impetus of this series was reading Bessel van der Kolk’s “The Body Keeps the Score.” This text highlights how chronic and acute trauma can become somatically internalized, and often requires physical and emotional “discharge” (verb) to be overcome. These drawn creatures have served as a mode of discharge for me, releasing some of my internal processing, darkness, humor, and personal history through pen-on-paper. I intend to share these images as a practice of vulnerability, inviting an audience to engage with themes of queer embodiment and healing.

more: @myshadowfriends on instagram for most recent drawings.

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