Through personal video diaries recorded over one year, the filmmaker shares an intimate story of their body as they discover their gender identity. Alongside stylized studio footage, these video diaries document from the beginnings of the filmmaker's decision to take testosterone, following through their first weeks on the hormone.
Content warning: needles, gender dysphoria, mention of illness.
Premiered at the 2015 Tri-Co Film Festival in Bryn Mawr, PA.
Screened at the 2016 Pembe Hayat KuirFest in Ankara, Turkey.
Click here to watch "T" with Turkish subtitles! 
BUST portrays the filmmaker’s processes of preparing for and healing from their gender-affirming "top surgery." The film juxtaposes anonymized clips of post-operative chests on Youtube with footage of their own chest.
Content warning: healing surgical sites, scars, bare chests.
Premiered at the 2016 Tri-Co Film Festival in Bryn Mawr, PA.
Screened at 2016 St. Louis International Film Festival with Laverne Cox's "Free Cece!"
Official Selection Blow-Up Chicago International Arthouse Film Festival
Above stills are samples of Harlow's cinematography from this project.

Interview subjects included: Val Bertoia, Celia Bertoia, Klaus Ihlenfeld, Olivia Block, Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe, Lou Malozzi, Alex Inglizian, Bill Valerio, Richard Wright, Gregory Whitkopp, and filmmaker Jeffrey Eger. Filming locations included the Bertoia Barn and Studio in PA, The Woodmere Museum in Philadelphia, The Museum of Arts and Design in NYC, The Cranbrook Academy and Museum in MI, and Experimental Sound Studio in Chicago. ​

Tatsuya Nakatani
Robert Playing

Highlighting the work and legacy of artist and designer Harry Bertoia, this documentary features an interdisciplinary exploration of his sound sculptures, known as Sonambients. Comprised of vertically welded metal rods of varying sizes, the Sonambients respond to the touch of a hand or a gust of wind by releasing an array of dynamic, visceral tones. 

VCAM Exhibit 1
VCAM bertoia
VCAM Exhibit 2
VCAM Exhibit 3
VCAM Exhibit 5
From April 2016 to October 2017, Harlow co-directed, produced, and edited this feature documentary on Harry Bertoia's sound sculptures, which is currently being completed by Sarah Moses (visit bertoiafilm.com for updates). 
The photos to the right show the VCAM Exhibition, "BERTOIA: Enter the Metal Sound Forest," which was on display in October 2017, and included an in-progress reel screening and Q+A.This exhibition, which marked the end of Harlow's inclusion in the film project, was sponsored by the John B. Hurford Center for the Arts and Humanities.

This project was supported in part by an Emerging Artist Residency Fellowship at the Hurford Center for Arts and Humanities in Fall 2016. The project collaborated with The Bertoia Foundation, Bertoia Studio, and The Woodmere Museum.


  • Post-Production Assistant 

  • Student Fellow, 2016 Pool Movie Community Media Lab (2016)

The Pool Movie Project is a documentary film about a group of older women who find strength, grace, and community in an aquacize class at their neighborhood swimming pool. Set in a YMCA swimming pool in the suburbs of Philadelphia, this group of 60-90 year old women have spent 25 years together in the pool. The film documents the class’s final year in the old pool, as the Y prepares to close the branch and transition to a shiny, new building. Over a year in the pool, creative projects flourish, illness strikes, friendships evolve, seasons change. This is a study of older bodies and souls in water, in motion, in transition, and in community with each other.

The Pool Movie Project 


A  Multi-Platform Documentary in Post Production

Dir. Vicky Funari

Ed. Vicky Funari and Hilary Brashear